Hard to try


Heals and dales tears or fake

hard to try to forgive – i mean i love you

still good bye in my word

fake the meaning of right

happiness into my tears.


i hope i will understand you, but you

in some days, i  crush my heart for you

i feel inside of me dreams still feel awake

all right , i have the end of the strong believeing


feeling free of hope i fear this i make it right

because i love you , you’re still in my heart.

i think i miss you i fight for me and my dreams still like the same

each day belongs to me an angel cry for my reason why?


feeling free awake , in the end i still lost it , i feel pity

 kind and proud loging to my dreams

why can’t you just be silence , a quiet room in the end?

a pale worlds is still forgiveness their existence

i don’t know that why because their leave behind

to be a strong is it pale.



Is it true


you lie inside my mind i’ll be fine

no matter of faking the true

life is a free feeling right.

inside my heart you’re faking

tear , tearing no an angel to cry for

still the same , till the end

a new begining  i remember still that day

in the end my pain, why can’t you be all right?


no , the angel pray for my belonging dreams .

i feel impolited , i have no sleepless nights

can your matter do it right?


i don’t know a reason why ? i left behind my thing’s.

to be a strong , life free feeling’s , joy and tears.

thank you for the present , be still a moment.

i know nothing go wrong , than that maddness recall my joys

a fresh feeling’s for me , still young is it hurt in my dreams.


i stand up , i fly for my dreams

belongs to me.

i stand up and close my eyes .

i feel free awake , what can makes a poem right?

my weakness , so much more happiness.

i fly through my dreams – can’t you see , you miss it .


Cry because of you


Did I asked you before you curse

The rainbow of a new beginning

You stole my heart as I walk within

Emotions of me – I learned to speak

Forgive to skip that sleep

Did I cry because of you?

Why, shall I do It?

Enjoy the moment reject the madness.

Every thought’s you said is in vain

Try to learn and listen to far above the skies.

Clouds that has a doubt

I don’t want to go down worried

Pushed me down – I learned to forgive

Will you try to skip that for me?

Will you do it insist for me?


I’ll try to keep up


My life is a bittersweet reason no one would waste it

Instead of me – my reason, is to try to give a go

I mean it right I don’t spend time I write.

A fancy to me would mean nothing

Very angriness and that is something

I’ll try to keep up again since that day

You’ll count my days belongs to me.

Nothing matters when I feel hurt for no reason

I’ll try to keep up being a good girl gone bad.

Will you try the same that day belongs to me?



My Love will lift it me up


Summer time happiness

Goes wrong but not my fear

As I walk between the lines

Tears that never made me mad.

I’ll did the touch of a heavenly skies

She’s all get wrong walk without my fight

I never did wrong I did mean right

When she wake up herself it was too late

Solutions, I’ll find the answer of every day

Being alive is in my sleep a dream of mine.

Nothing in my home goes wrong inside my heart

I walk with a kindest heart that it’s touch my soul

Afraid for your madness, that you won’t do it for me?

Why there is always speaking madness before you mean to me?


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