Possible symptoms of tiredness

symptoms That Result When You Are Tired and Sleepy

Tired And SleepyBefore we jump into the solutions I want to quickly cover some of the symptoms that may occur when you are feeling tired or sleepy. Go through the list and give yourself a point for every symptom you have been experiencing. The more points you have the more important it is for you to fix this problem.

Difficulty getting up in the morning – If you hit the snooze button 10 times before you wake up or often sleep through your alarm then this may be a sign of tiredness.

Falling asleep at the wheel – Find it difficult to concentrate on driving? Feel your mind drifting into an almost sleep like state? This is very dangerous.

Difficulty doing daily tasks – Do you struggle to perform even the most simple and mundane tasks?

Loss in productivity – A loss in productivity in all areas of your life (work, home and relationships) can be a major symptom of sleepiness and stops you from building an excellent life.

Depression – Sleepiness can cause you to feel sad and overwhelmed, which has the potential to lead to depression.

Agitation – There is a word VEX, which means “anger over silly or petty annoyance”. When you are tired you are more likely to feel vexed and agitated.

Change in appetite – Are you eating more or eating less. This could be caused by your fatigue.

Physical weakness – If you are finding you have less and less energy and you aren’t as fit as you used to be then tiredness could be causing this.

Flu like symptoms – Feeling achy and sluggish? Sleepy people often feel run down and more susceptible to flu like symptoms.

Memory loss – Short term memory loss is a symptom to be aware of. It could cause major issues in your day to say life.

Loss in cognitive brain function – Bumping into things and being clumsy may also be signs of exhaustion.

Excessive frustration with your spouse and children – Are the little things making your really angry? Do you feel like your family just doesn’t care about you? Are you mad?

30 Unique Ways To Stop Exhaustion FAST!

If you are sick of feeling tired and sleepy then you need to do something about it. This problem will not go away by itself and you need to take action today to improve your situation.

Below I have provide 30 unique ways to stop your exhaustion. Read through the list and choose a couple to try. If you continue to have problems then see your doctor.

1. Meditate

You don’t have to become a buddist and move to a monastery in the mountains to meditate, nor does it have to be a spiritual event. It helps to calm your mind.

Sit still in a quiet place and slow your breathing. Try to clear your head of everything that is worrying and stressing you. Focus on your breathing if you need to (it helps clear your head). Keep your mind clear as long as possible. It can also help to focus your mind on positive things to create positive calming feelings.

Meditation can help reduce your stress levels which can in turn result in a boost of energy.

2. Pray

Prayer (which is spiritual) can also help boost your energy. Ask 100 people why this is and you are likely to get 100 answers. I believe it works for 2 reasons a) God answers prayer b) It helps you place responsibility (and stress) onto someone else and c) You are using positive affirmations (see tip 27)

3. Stop drinking caffeine

Although caffeine is almost always used when you are feeling tired it may actually be causing you to feel more tired that you really are. This is due to the lows you experience after the caffeine leaves your system.

Check out this wiki how post on Quitting Caffeine for more info. Replace caffeine with lots of water for best results (see tip #7). Or have a look at my other article about the negative effects of energy drinks.

4. Clench your muscles before bed

When I was a child I had major issues falling asleep. One of the techniques I learned was to (whilst lying in bed) clench every single muscle in my body tight and hold it. Hold it for a minute or as long and you can and then relax. The goal is to get your body in a state of relaxation so you can more easily fall asleep.

5. Wind down before bed

TV, Video games, working and searching the net are all geared around stimulating your mind. This makes it harder for you to fall asleep. 2 hours before bed time turn your attention away from all electronic equipment and do relaxing tasks.

Spend time with family, play cards or read books. Wind down so when you finally get into bed your mind is relaxed and ready to fall asleep. More sleep (and better sleep) will help you to stop feeling tired and sleepy.

Winding yourself down and slowing down your mind can also help you sleep in longer in the morning, adding to your rest.

6. Take melatonin

Melatonin is a natural hormone that is very important for forming the sleep/wake cycle your body goes through. Some people believe taking melatonin can help you fall asleep quicker and have better sleep.

Read this article on melatonin and sleep for more information and speak to your doctor. If you are interested in trying melatonin then I suggest this #1 best selling melatonin supplement.

7. Drink lots and lots of water

Water is a cleansing agent and helps to cleanse your body of toxins. This can help you sleep better but can also help you feel less tired and less sleepy during the day and your body is cleaner.

You know how you feel clean and fresh after getting out of the shower? Imagine feeling like that on the inside!

8. Take naps

Naps aren’t just for babies they are for adults to and can really help to boost your energy and stop you from feeling sluggish. With practice you can learn to nap anywhere, anytime. 20 minutes is a good nap time (not too short, not too long).

9. Get some sun

Many people have report a boost in energy levels by increasing their Vitamin D levels. If you fail to get enough sun then you may become vitamin D deficient. You body turns the sunlight into Vitamin D.

So get at least 10-15 minutes of direct sun per day. It is also relaxing which can help reduce stress and boost energy levels also.

10. Relocate yourself

A change is as good as a holiday. Put yourself in a new environment and your brain will kick into gear.

Studies on mice doing exercise showed that moving around can actually cause you to maintain more of your brain cells. Moving to a new area may help you maintain your current level of brain cells and boost your energy. (I did say these tips were unique).

11. Change careers

Is your career boring you to death? Do you hate going to work everyday?

Well no wonder you feel tired and sleepy!

Change careers and get involved in a job that you absolutely love. This can often cause your energy level to skyrocket so high that you can’t believe you were every fatigued in the first place.

12. Take a sabatical

Take extended leave and go on a camping trip around the country or go on a trip overseas. Exploration, adventure and the removal of day to day stress can do wonders for your feeling of tiredness.

13. Exercise like a junky

Energy boost your metabolism and actually increases that ‘energetic’ feeling. One day of exercise doesn’t do it though. You need to make exercise a lifestyle. Exercise every single day for best results.

14. Eat raw vegetables AND AVOID FAST FOOD

Salads and other raw veges are full of goodness. Fast food is full of crap that your body doesn’t need.

Healthy food gives you sustainable energy and promotes good health, fast food gives you a quick high and then you crash.

Eat less junk and eat more leafy greens.

15. Get more B12

16. Consume More Vitamin C and fruit

17. Do something fun

Take a load off and do something you really enjoy. You know the saying “time flies when you are having fun”? That is also true for your tiredness.

“Tiredness disappears when you are having fun”

18. Have sex

Having sex is a great way to reduce stress and to sleep well. It also helps you have a better relationship with your spouse (who you likely sleep next to) and will help them to sleep better also.

If you are not making love on a regular basis you are missing out on one of the best natural stress reliefs there is.

19. See a doctor

Your daytime sleepiness may be related to an illness or chemical imbalance. See your doctor and get it checked out. Sometimes all you need is a little rest (or some anti-biotics) and you are on your way.

20. Get a massage or see a physio

Muscle aches can cause restless sleep which will leave you feeling super sleepy during the day. Get a massage to fix your aches and pains of visit a physiotherapist to fix up whatever is wrong.

No pain during the day can also give you the feeling of more energy and you will find yourself more alert and awake.

21. Avoid the 3 evil white substances

Avoid the 3 evil white substances. Sugar, Salt and Flour. These are highly processed and will not promote holistic health and well being for your body. Avoid these at all costs.

22. Lose weight

Excess weight (and the diet that comes with it) does not promote a feeling of energy. Holding excess weight can actually make you more sluggish during the day.

Shed some kilos and feel the benefits.

23. Eat more fibre

24. Stop eating foods you are allergic to

Food allergies may be causing you to have a restless nights sleep which leads to sluggishness and tiredness during the day. Avoid foods that you may be allergic to so that you can ensure an excellent nights sleep.

25. Find something you are 110% passionate about

When I am doing something that I am 110% passionate about I can stay up all night without getting tired. It is only when 3am (or sometimes even 5:30am) rolls around that I realised I have been going all night and didn’t get tired.

I then crash into bed and have an excellent sleep.

If you are doing something you are passionate about you will find energy reserves you never knew you had.

Some blogs on passion that I suggest are the Zen Habits blog and The Awesome Podcast.

26. Get your adrenaline pumping

If you are sleepy then do something to get your adrenaline pumping. When I am feeling tired or sleepy I simply put on the Rocky theme song and jump up and down with my fists in the air.

Or I put on my favorite song and sing REALLY loud. Do something crazy to get your adrenaline pumping and to fight off any fatigue.

27. Use personal mantras

Personal mantras are short sentences you say to yourself to give yourself a boost. But you have to say it out loud to get the full effect.

You will almost always believe what you say but you won’t always believe what you think. So say things that you want in your life.

28. Stop peeing during the night

Many adults are tired simply because their night time sleep patterns are broken by the need to urinate. Avoid drinking liquids before you go to bed and learn to hold your bladder at night time.

Don’t always get up immediately to go to the bathroom. Try to hold it where possible to train your bladder and your brain that you don’t need to go to the bathroom during the evening.

29. Use the whiteboard technique

This is a technique I learned from Ray Croc (the founder of McDonalds). He used to work hard hard hard, but he knew he needed a good sleep at night so he devised a technique to clear his mind of all worries and get to sleep quickly. I call it ‘The Whiteboard Technique’.

Imagine in your mind a whiteboard in front of you. Now write on the whiteboard any thoughts that come into your mind. Now every time you write something on the whiteboard completely wipe it off. The goal is to clear your thoughts so try not to think of anything. But when you do think of something write it down and wipe it off.

Do this until you fall asleep.

30. Clear your conscience

A dirty conscience can prevent you from going to sleep and it can also lead to an unsettled night’s sleep. If you want to ensure great rest then live a life in line with your conscience.

Make right your wrongs and ensure that you live in alignment with your beliefs as much as humanly possible.

You Can Stop Being Tired And Sleepy Today

Often the only thing keeping you tired and sleepy is yourself. Take action today to overcome sleepiness and to boost your energy. You may just find you have more energy than you ever imagined possible.Image


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